Agile Leadership Day

On March 20, 2017 we hosted a conference where over 150 guests spent they day talking about new ideas and inspiring each other to rethink leadership.


Check back soon for videos of the sessions.

See photos of the event here

Thank you to all of our guests and speakers. We can’t wait to meet you again.

Stay tuned for a reboot of our conference in 2018


What is Agile Leadership Day?

Everyone talks about agility and many teams already work successfully in an agile way. The thrilling question is: how can the agile framework be spread out to the whole organization?

Leadership plays an important role in scaling agility – but how can agile leadership look like? The Agile Leadership Day offers the opportunity to get theoretical insights, learn from others’ experiences and discuss own ideas and experiences with other executives who face similar challenges.

“Our goal: Inspiration, exchange and networking of executives with a modern understanding of leadership and management, with the goal to develop – oneself and the organization – towards greater agility and flexibility.”

Sohrab Salimi

Organizer of Agile Leadership Day

Stay tuned for a reboot of our conference in 2018